Hidden from the world

Fuelled by the will to escape the humdrum affairs of a corporate life and my wedding planning, I ran off to a small village called Zadpoli, based in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. With two weeks in hand and no itinerary in mind, the lush green region was my canvas to paint, with colors, often… Continue reading Hidden from the world


Vivaham Byah – Divine, Shine and Dine

This will be the last shaadi blog post for a while. I will be back with more updates closer to the wedding. However, for this editions let's look into multiple underrated aspects and few overrated aspects of wedding planning! Priest(ess) and RitualsStationeryGifts and HampersMakeupOutfitsFood Priest(ess) and Rituals When I was an early teenager, my father… Continue reading Vivaham Byah – Divine, Shine and Dine


Vivaham Byah – To big or not to big, that is the question

This edition of the Vivaham Byah series dives deeper into the unsustainable aspects of weddings which have grown to become accepted norms. Most environment-unfriendly actions are masked under the labels of culture, tradition and most importantly, "Itna toh karna padega na?", which translates to "This is the least we have to do, isn't it?". No… Continue reading Vivaham Byah – To big or not to big, that is the question


Vivaham Byah

Marriage, Wedding, Vivaham, Shaadi, Byah. All these words bring out emotions from everyone. Yes. Mentioning 'everyone' is not a stretch here. The type of emotion may vary. It could unleash joy, sadness, hatred, ambivalence, excitement, anticipation, or confusion. However, one aspect never changes, the degree of emotion. Parents are either incredibly joyous or extremely sad,… Continue reading Vivaham Byah