On being a Woman

My earliest memory of being a woman
Comes from the age of eight
Oh don’t get me wrong
I knew my sex well before that date

But at eight for the first time
I learned that I was different
Because even though I was smarter and more respectful
A male peer was called godsent

My father called me
His daughter and son
I knew that he meant well
But it sounded like having only a ‘daughter’ was no fun

Why would it be
After all he was a cop
He had seen heinous crimes
Where male predators always came out on top

As I grew older
I faced the brunt of their actions
I had an early curfew
And lived my life in fractions

When we move abroad
It’s termed as brain drain
Have you ever stopped and thought
Maybe it’s just safety gain

Well relocation
Has now proved counterproductive
Hate crimes are on the rise
As fraternity struggles to live

I seem to be digressing now
I was talking about being a woman
Or wait, is it all connected
When all we receive is shun

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