Earth Day

I know what today is
I know it is Earth Day
But if we keep going like this
Soon we’ll hit dearth day

A dearth of clean air
Clean water and trees
Blame the trendy jacket you’re wearing
Which is flying off the shelf like a breeze

Blame the corporations and government
Who don’t do enough
But first hold yourself accountable
Even if it is tough

The toxic ecosystem is fed
By our consumerist attitude
No you don’t need that new phone
Let go and don’t brood

Brood reminds me of food
And now I need to eat
But food is a touchy topic
So come on! Pull up a seat

You argue that “YOLO”
You argue “Seize the day”
But if you really have little time
Shouldn’t you keep meat at bay?

It emits toxins, takes up water
Kills forests and trashes land
Isn’t this enough evidence?
It’s appalling that you ask, “And?”

The solutions are simple
Thrift more and shop less
You don’t have to go vegan
Reduce dairy and meat intake to clean this mess

The problems that the earth faces
Are of much greater scale
Practice simple remedies
Or else, all that would be left of us, is a tale

#NaPoWriMo2022 #NaPoWriMo

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