She is What She is

woman bears the broad daylight

With courage in her heart

She walks fearlessly accomplishing

Every feat as her counterpart

She plays not one but many roles

Of daughter wife and mother’s souls

Respects each man who touches her life

But fears night which plays a knife
To her integrity

The woman the goddess who commands regard

To walk freely at dusk finds it hard

‘Cause night brings evil creeping in

Shattering the valor that lives within

Every step is measured under the open sky

For every uncanny noise may lead to a cry

Yet all caution goes in vain

When a man showers his mighty cane

Oft a pack of wolves prey on the innocent

Maiming her existence for life

She cries she pleads for mercy

But ends up breaking down in the strife

All that is left of her is a lifeless corpse

Left bare to shun from her thorps

Gradually her long lost courage resurfaces

Of fear her heart has no more traces

Her culprits will now have to pay a price

For the dethroned queen is now back on the rise….

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