Hi! I’m Sonika. Sonika in Shot is my medium to document my life, which has led me to find myself in SHOT – Sustainable, Hungry, Observant and Thoughtful. I do this through the medium of essays and poems and I hope that they inspire you to be a better version of yourself.


We all learn about Climate Change in school but once regurgitated in an assignment or exam, most tend to forget and move on. Was that the intention of our educators?

In 2019, sparked by some social media posts, I felt the need to change my lifestyle, my goals, basically my life. I read and learned extensively, reduced consumption, repurposed more and wasted less. In 2020, I even went plant-based in an attempt to protect sentient beings and the environment. I have never felt happier and stronger.


I am hungry (for food, definitely!) but more importantly, to keep learning and growing. Every step, personal or professional has always been in this direction. A huge part of this journey has been travel. I have always traveled, to immerse myself in the culture and feel of a place. Lately, as I have become more conscious of my carbon footprint, my travel has gone local. I have been exploring my backyard before exploring the world and have found some hidden gems.


I love to notice how situations mold people, places and things and how looking at them can tell us a story. Sometimes, my literary content, especially poetry, is unintentionally about these observations.


I communicate with the intention to convey clearly and yet thoughtfully. I play a conversation in my head sometimes so that neither of us receives the short end of the stick in a conversation. Additionally, I talk to everyone who I cross paths with and try to learn about their roots, their aspirations and what makes them get out of bed everyday.

Welcome to a deep dive into my medley of thoughts!